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  • Baidu confirmed that spiders will crawl plain text link URL

    Baidu officially recognized as a plain text link URL Baidu crawl, network of Baidu reptiles be plain text on the link to crawl from Baidu owners club Lee Reply!

    1 text link url address, Baidu will find he is a url address and crawl up this address to the url address.

    2, whether the link should be passed weights only criteria: whether the user or other sites in this link really recommend your site to this recommendation, whether Users valuable.

    Note: plain text link that is to remove the hyperlink URL majority Contributions will be removed hyperlink, which is undoubtedly good news, but can not confirm whether passing weight.

  • Godaddy is sealed, the large number of sites can not be accessed

    In May 2012, the the Godaddy main station from China resolution is very unstable, parsing is masked normal, Railway line, basic telecommunications masked more and more GoDaddy DNS server regional interference can notthis Godaddy own domain name can not be resolved, the large number of sites can not be accessed, especially in Godaddy registered domain name owners.

    Beginning in July last year, some of the telecom operators in China began to shield part Godaddy's DNS service, leading to large-scale use Godaddy DNS website can not be accessed from China, such a direct shielding NS (DNS) service approach, a very bad influence one or two so-called "harmful information" in order to "punish" a direct result of the thousands of innocent sites can not be accessed, can be described as "rather kill a thousand, can not let go of a" less extreme means.

    Godaddy is the world's largest domain name registrar, Godaddy domain name registration fee is very low in the same industry, the average price is only half of the domestic domain name service, is a very good domain name service provider, for example, the year of 139 million net registered com domain name yuan, Godaddy minimum is only $ 50. Many site owners are using Godaddy Domain Name Service. Network service providers of this well-known domain registrar illegal shielding alleged unfair competition. Godaddy accounted for nearly 32% of global market, with other causes of shielding domestic, overseas Sancheng website in the country can not be normal visit.

    Any use of the GoDaddy DNS server, there may be the wall. Fortunately, only DNS shield, can be switched from Godaddy to DNSPod host unknown during a few minutes. Domestic DNS manner.

    Other normal access to modify the local DNS, try Google dns:

  • Baidu large-scale algorithm upgrade SEOer carefully use clicking software

    Recently, Baidu large-scale upgrade of the algorithm and revision, engage in panic. First, the failure of Baidu news search, Baidu search engine, frequent errors, especially slightly longer text each will wrong. Which one is clicking on the class of the more popular software algorithm adjustments at running events from the most recent such software provider, can say with certainty that the clicker market. Baidu click software popular in the country, starting in 2009, also known as analog click, P2P technology and agent technology to the realistic simulation of user click behavior to affect search engine rankings. Baidu Union ad interaction point Union, cross-point group and so the nature of the mutual click advertising on Baidu Union conduct penalty.

    I also received the e-mail notification of Baidu Union, all Baidu Union websites, Reward Report, click visible human use software simulation behavior has touched the fundamental interests of Baidu, Baidu, of course, can not be tolerated.

    User feedback: it took 598 to buy a one-click software originally ranked 15 words, click afternoon clicker analog results gone the next day, not only the word ranking, the most angry, the other keywords ranking disappeared, and worked hard to optimize the site for six months, just search the title search, the company commander Suffix not search.

  • Qihoo 360 and Google search cooperation agreement reached

    Netease science and technology news on January 4th message, according to foreign media reports, before the news Qihoo 360 and Google is expected to reach a search deal, may have on the Chinese search giant Baidu threat, but Qihoo has to ZDNet officially confirmed the news, said that the agreement with the Google does exist, but declined to give further details.
    Bloomberg news earlier this week quoted the analysis of investment firm WedgePartners said, Qihoo and Google will collaborate in early 2013. Qihoo chief executive Zhou Hongyi said before, Qihoo to Google, Microsoft, Sogou search engine service companies have cooperation.
    After the United States independent analyst ABR InvestmentStrategy also reported the upcoming Qihoo and Google cooperation. ABR said: "given the Qihoo and Google expected cooperation, we will search revenue in fiscal year 2013 is expected to increase to $90000000 from $62000000."
    When ZDNet Asia linked to Qihoo aspects of the interview, Qihoo said: "between Qihoo can only confirm and Google cooperation does exist, but can not disclose any details of the information."
    Citibank analyst Lee Act (Lee, Muzhi) to (RaviSarathy), and Ravi Saladi said, Qihoo and Google cooperation is bad news for Baidu is concerned. They reaffirmed Baidu sell rating, said this is because cooperation Qihoo search monetization and service and Google keyword.
    If everything goes smoothly, Qihoo on Google cooperation for the first time. Qihoo has in their browsers before using Google search service, now it has been replaced by its own search service.
    Qihoo has established itself in the field of software safety, the company has operations will be extended to other Internet services, such as browsers and search engine service. (West)

  • wanwang alleged breach of security can lead to register a domain name malicious hijacking

    Dispatch of sina science and technology on January 4th afternoon message, security issues feedback platform clouds (wooyun.org) today through the micro-blog said in a news release, network security vulnerabilities can lead to register a domain name hijacking is malicious.
    Wu Yun said in the micro-blog, "the network be proof of the existence of security vulnerabilities, can be hijacked in the network domain name registration malicious users, completely repair loopholes in the nets suggest you Adsense and enterprises to increase monitoring of domain name".
    In fact, the clouds are victims of this vulnerability. According to the micro-blog has revealed, this vulnerability to the attack, "and a long time cannot access and creates the actual loss of interest". The official further said, as network users will retain the right to prosecute.
    In this regard, the lawyer Zhao Zhanling pointed out: if its loopholes instead of the user causes the domain name hijacking, 10 thousand nets should ask users to compensate for the losses. Otherwise, the user can through legal channels for all responsibility.
    To date, all did not respond.

  • 360 search engine http://so.360.cn is on line

    The previous day legend tiger 360 to push its own search engine, today, 360 of the search engine quietly on the line, some in the industry have been hearsay and start trial. 360 search enable domain so.360.cn two.
    At present, 360 search interface is also very simple, subscript red below to design similar to "Youdao search". In addition, in addition to webpage search by 360 search provides search results, news search, MP3 search, image search, map search, ask search are directly linked to the corresponding classification of Baidu search, video search link to 360 of the original "360 video search".
    In view of the line just 360 possible search, search technology and experience is still not perfect, so the 360 search is still retained the Baidu and Google search, the two search are integrated into the 360 search page, if the user feel dissatisfied with 360 search results, can be directly click switch to Baidu search or Google search.
    From the micro-blog everyone to the 360 search engine test results, the 360 search may go is route Blekko (personal speculation), is also the only index authority sites to ensure that the garbage station authority and removing search results.
    In August 10th, Cheng Lingfeng said in the micro-blog:
    I heard that the general search 360 is about to launch its own domain name. Was supposed to launch the browser information recommendation based on, but not mature. Also heard on other search engine results in the "illegal" content or ads to remind users tagging.
    At present, it said non-trivial, according to another Fenng in the micro-blog sources:
    More hearsay about 360 search: everyone knows the address, now in the first test of water, its search results is not good enough, may and Bing do first cooperation. Real maturity in his own. 360 the stock price to rise.
    In the afternoon there will be a small noisy can see: Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan said in the micro-blog:
    By three stage rocket model, the 360 finally released universal search. Internet users have more choice is a good thing. But the search technology need long time of accumulation, we have to worry about the poor quality of the use of improper means to hurt the user. I'd heard the development process there are some extreme means to go beyond the bottom line "". Sogou search team will make a general evaluation on the 360 search quality, afternoon for everyone to send report.
    At present the 360 official and Zhou Hongyi have not been disclosed more information.

  • What reasons cause the broken network data center?

    One way of Thai embarrassed embarrassed at the end of 2012 under the bed to the Chinese film box office record, but also refresh the record. But in IT, data center security failure events erupt frequently, also the impact of enterprise user's psychological line of defense in a meeting. Only look, the security problems of the data center, don't be embarrassed again. "Tai embarrassed".
    Cloud computing service is touted to be the IT saints in this era, all services can be "cloud". However, when many companies to be the first to eat crab, but found that often the most vulnerable is their. In recent years, emerge in an endless stream of cloud services broken network events, so that the industry could appall.

    People gradually return to the ideal, to more clearly see the true face of cloud computing. It can be said, no matter how lofty dream or to find a secure foothold, cloud services eventually from one data center to be transmitted to a data center, and in the process still could not escape the need, computer, network, power, storage, etc. between collaborative work. As a result, the entire process error and loopholes in the offing, coupled with natural disasters. So, enabled cloud services, you must have a certain amount of mental preparation, but also with a second-hand solutions to deal with.

    Editor here, look at the reasons behind a series of broken network events that occurred in recent years. Between from 2009 to 2012. Perhaps make you see: even if the computer error seems inevitable, reinsurance measures seem only security event control in a small probability range.

    The off network types: system failure

    Typical event 1: Amazon AWS Christmas Eve off network

    The cause of the malfunction: Elastic Load Balancing service failure

    December 24, 2012, Christmas Eve just past, Amazon did not let their customers have had peace. Amazon the AWS located in the eastern United States data center fails, the Elastic Load Balancing service (Elastic Load Balancing Service) interrupt, sites such as Netflix and Heroku affected. Which, Heroku in the AWS eastern United States regional service before failure has also been influenced. However, some coincidence Netflix rival Amazon's own Amazon Prime Instant Video is not affected because of this failure.

    December 24, Amazon AWS interrupt service event is not the first time, of course, will not be the last time.

    October 22, 2012, Amazon AWS network services in Northern Virginia interruption. The reason is similar to the last. The effects of the accident including Reddit, Pinterest and other well-known websites. Interrupt affect the elasticity of magic beans, followed by flexible magic beans console, relational database services, flexible cache, Elastic Compute Cloud EC2, cloud search. This accident made a lot of people believe that Amazon should to upgrade North Pooh the Ghia data center infrastructure.

    April 22, 2011, a large area of ​​the Amazon cloud data center server downtime, this event is considered to Amazon the most serious in the history of cloud computing security event. Amazon downtime cloud computing center in Northern Virginia, including answer service Quora, the news service Reddit, Hootsuite and location tracking service FourSquare, some sites have been affected. Amazon's official report claims that the incident is due to the presence of its EC2 system design vulnerabilities and design flaws, to improve the EC2 (the Amazon ElasticComputeCloud service), competitive and continue to fix known vulnerabilities and defects.

    In January 2010, almost 60,008 thousand Salesforce.com users experienced at least one hour of downtime. Salesforce.com "systematic errors" due to their own data center, all services, including backup, including a brief paralysis. It also exposed the Salesforce.com do not want to open the lock strategy: its PaaS platform, Force.com Salesforce.com outside the. Once Salesforce.com problems, Force.com the same problems. Interrupt service occurred a long time, the problem will become very tricky.

    The broken network inducement: natural disasters

    Typical event: Amazon Northern Ireland Berlin data center downtime

    The fault reasons: lightning struck a transformer of the data center in Berlin

    August 6, 2011, caused by lightning in Northern Ireland, Dublin Amazon and Microsoft cloud computing network in Europe, large-scale data center power outage downtime. The lightning struck a transformer near Dublin data center, leading to its explosion. The explosion triggered a fire, so that the work of all public service agencies to temporarily halt the entire data center downtime.

    This data center is the Amazon, only for data storage and in Europe, that is, EC2 cloud computing platform customers during the accident no other data center for temporary use. Downtime event makes the length of the Amazon EC2 cloud service platform many websites to interrupt a long time up to two days.

    Typical event: Calgary data center fire accident

    Failure reasons: data center fire

    Calgary data center fire accident July 11, 2012: Canadian communications service providers ShawCommunicationsInc in Calgary the A Er Bota's data center, a fire occurred, resulting in hundreds of local hospital surgical delay. Manage the data center to provide emergency services, the fire affected the the main backup systems to support critical public services. The event as a series of government agencies sounded the alarm, you must ensure the timely recovery and have failover system, combined with the introduction of disaster management plans.

    Typical event: Hurricane Sandy attacks data center

    The cause of the malfunction: storms and floods led to the data center to stop running

    October 29, 2012, super hurricane Sandy: data center in New York and New Jersey are subject to the impact of the hurricane, including the adverse impact for the Lower Manhattan area flooding and the shutdown of some facilities, the surrounding area data center generators run disorders. Impact in hurricane Sandy and beyond the general single disruptions brought disaster of unprecedented scale in the data center industry in the affected areas. In fact, the diesel has become the lifeblood of the data center recovery, to take over the entire load as a backup power system, prompting the special measures to keep the generator fuel. With the immediate focus gradually shifted to the post-disaster reconstruction, we need long-term engineering and disaster recovery data center location, explore this topic may last for months, or even years.

    The off net incentive III: human factors

    Typical event 1: Hosting.com service disruptions

    The cause of the malfunction: the service provider implementation of the circuit breaker operating sequence is incorrect due to UPS Close

    July 28, 2012 the Hosting.com outage event: human error is often considered one of the dominant factors in the data center downtime. July the Hosting.com interrupt events caused the 1100 Customer Service interruption is an example. Shutdown accident is being carried out due to the company's data center in Newark, Delaware, UPS systems preventive maintenance, service provider implementation of the circuit breaker operating sequence is not correct to cause the UPS shut down is caused by the data center suites facilities the loss of one of the key factors. "CEO of ArtZeile Hosting.com. "There is no failure of any important power system or standby power systems, is entirely caused by a human error."

    Typical event: Microsoft outbreak of the BPOS service interruptions event

    The cause of the malfunction: Microsoft data centers in the United States, Europe and Asia, a determined set error

    In September 2010, Microsoft hosting services at least three times in the western United States within a few weeks time interrupt event to apologize to the user. This is Microsoft's first major cloud computing events broke.

    The accident, the user access BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite) service, if you use Microsoft's North American facilities access service customers may encounter a problem, this failure lasted two hours. Although Microsoft engineers later claimed to have solved the problem, but did not solve the fundamental problem, which is also produced September 3 and September 7 service interrupted again.

    Microsoft's Clint Patterson said this data breaches are caused by errors due to Microsoft data centers in the United States, Europe and Asia, a determined set. BPOS software in the offline address book in the "very special circumstances" available to unauthorized users. The address book contains the contact information.

    Microsoft said that this error fixed two hours after the discovery. Microsoft said it has tracking facilities, to enable it to get in touch with people who download these data errors in order to clear these data.

    Off network incentives: system failure

    Typical event 1: GoDaddy the website DNS server interrupt

    The fault reasons: data table within a series of routers in the system caused by network outages

    The GoDaddy website DNS server interrupts: September 10, 2012 the domain name giant GoDaddy DNS server is one of the most important suppliers, which has 5,000,000 websites and manages over 50 million domain names. This is why the disruptions will be the most devastating event in 2012 on September 10.

    Some speculation even to the interrupt events for up to six hours is the result of denial of service attacks, but GoDaddy later said, this router table corrupted data. Service interruption is not caused by external influences. "GoDaddy interim CEO 史葛瓦格纳 said. "This is not a hacker attack is not a denial of service attack (DDoS) We have determined that the service interruption is due to damage to the network event caused by the series of routers internal data table."

    Typical event: Shengda Yun stored off network

    The fault reasons: data center physical server disk is damaged

    August 6, 2012 8:10 pm Shengda Yun due to cloud host failure caused by the loss of user data events public statement published on its official microblogging. The statement said: August 6, Shengda Yun data center in Wuxi, because a single physical server disk is damaged, resulting in the loss of individual users' data. Shengda Yun has to make every effort to assist the user to recover data.

    Lead to individual users' data lost because of a physical server disk is damaged, Shengda Yun technicians are given their own interpretation: the virtual machine's disk, there are two modes of production, a direct host the physical disk. This case, if the host's physical disk fails, the cloud host will inevitably result in the loss of data, which is generated by the incident reasons; another is to use remote storage is grand hard disk products, this way the actual is to save the user's data to a remote cluster, and at the same time do multiple backups, and even host a failure will not affect a the Cloud host of data. Difficult to avoid because the physical damage to the machine, in order to avoid accidental loss you are experiencing, we recommend that you also do data backup to cloud host.

    Typical events 3: Google App Engine interrupt service

    The cause of the malfunction: network delay

    Google App Engine: GAE WEB application development and hosting platform, data center management by google interrupt time is October 26th, and lasted 4 hours, because suddenly become slow to respond, and an error. Affected, 50% of the GAE request fails.

    Google said that there is no loss of data, application behavior also have backup can be restored. Apologize, google announced Nov. user can google said they are strengthening their network services to cope with the problems of network delay, "We have enhanced the flow routing capabilities, and to adjust the configuration, these will effectively prevent such problems from happening again.

    The off net incentive Five: System Bug

    Typical Event 1: Azure global interrupt service

    The cause of the accident: Software Bug calculated incorrectly result in a leap year time

    February 28, 2012, due to the leap year bug "causing Microsoft Azure service a large area on a global scale to interrupt, the interrupt time over 24 hours. Although Microsoft said the software bug is incorrect leap year calculation of time lead, but the incident provoked a strong reaction in many users, many people asked Microsoft to make more reasonable explanation for this purpose.

    The typical event 2: Gmail e-mail the outbreak of a global failure

    The cause of the accident: data center routine maintenance, the side effects of the new code

    February 24, 2009, Google's Gmail e-mail to the outbreak of the global failure service interrupted time up to 4 hours. Google explained the cause of the accident: when routine maintenance of the data center in Europe, some of the new program code (trying to geographical proximity data focus on all of the body) some side effects, leading to another data center in Europe to overload, so The knock-on effect on the expansion and interface to other data centers, and ultimately lead to the disconnection of the global and other data center does not work.

    Typical event: "5.19 off network events

    The cause of the accident: the client-side software Bug, internet terminals frequent DNS requests, triggering DNS congestion

    May 19, 2009, 21:50, Jiangsu, Anhui, Guangxi, Hainan, Gansu, Zhejiang and other six provinces user declaration to access the site slow or inaccessible. Unit investigating after the Ministry of Communications, said the national six provinces network disruptions, because a company launched the client software defects, resulting in the installation of the software of the Internet, in the case of abnormal work of the company's domain name authorization server terminal frequently initiate DNS request triggered DNS congestion, resulting in a large number of users access the site slow or page can not open.

    Which the, DN SPod is the leading DNS service provider one N SPod company service DNS service for a number of well-known websites. The attack resulted in paralysis the 6 units dns the DN SPod belongs DNS server, a direct result of the DNS system paralyzed STORM, including a number of network service providers, and thereby lead to network congestion, resulting in a large number of users can not be normal Internet. The Ministry of Industry and pointed out that this incident exposed the Domain Name Service to become the weak link in network security, instructed all units to strengthen the security of the Domain Name Service.


    Enable cloud services company, a large extent, is considering such a service can be more editing, cost-effective. However, such considerations if it is based on reducing the cost of security as, it is estimated that the boss will not agree with a lot of companies. Cloud services off the endless stream of events caused by concerns about the safety of the cloud.

    Now, the solution can proceed from several angles, sure cloud services for enterprise-class customers, regular backups of the data of the cloud, with the second set of solutions, in order to prepare for contingencies. For cloud service providers, since a variety of off-network event is inevitable, it must consider a countermeasure to minimize the loss of their users, improve response efficiency off network events.

    Government departments have responsibilities of oversight and remind legal legal cloud services were introduced and constantly improve, and to remind the user to one hundred percent reliable cloud computing services do not currently exist.

  • The trade rumors that Baidu will accelerate mergers and acquisitions UCweb

    Sohu IT, said sources from the investment community, Baidu is accelerating capital negotiations with gifted as (UCweb), to controlling or strategic investment UCweb. "Investment in Jinshan, UCweb series of negotiations are conducted by Li himself with people is expected to be reached soon." In June 2012, there had been Baidu $ 400 million acquisition of UC49% stake. But the transaction has not been reached.


    Baidu internal sources said, Baidu recently stepped up investment in all defense and mobile end, and to accelerate the process of investment, but the investment and M & A, by Robin Li personally intervene.

    "Baidu lack of moving side entrance, holding UCweb is the best choice." Analysts said the investment community. Internet analysts had the Keso also said, "If this message (Baidu acquisitions UCweb) is confirmed, it will be Baidu defensive acquisition, the main purpose is to prevent the UC acquisition of other Internet giants."

    However, Baidu transactions acquisitions UCweb ability to achieve and there are many factors in the left and right. The source said that contact in June last year, Baidu valuation of $ 816 million to UCweb the UCweb aspects of their own valuation of 10 billion dollars, the final price of the two sides did not  agree. The valuation of UCweb may be higher, Baidu need to pay more cash, Baidu can accept is a problem. Meanwhile, UCweb the founding team as well as Alibaba, Nokia and other strategic investors is whether they can accept a Baidu acquisition is also variable.

    As of press time, Baidu and UCweb, not yet to comment on the two sides to discuss the issue.

  • Warmest congratulations on enterprise website management system 3 release

    Warmest congratulations on enterprise website management system 3 release

    The new added feature phone website, domain name, website optimization.
    The friends of the enterprise website management system using PHP+MySQL development, it has the advantages of simple operation, powerful function, good stability, easy expansion, high safety, convenient maintenance, can help you quickly, easy to build up a strong professional business website. System support for mobile phone website, language, custom model, SEO optimization, static page generation, comment, ordering, membership, advertising, recruitment, statistics, self-help form and other basic functions of common enterprise website, through can plug-in mechanism flexibility to expand more applications. By virtue of the company team accumulated rich experience in Web development and innovation in the pursuit of the perfect design concept, the product is supported by many enterprises, and has been used in more and more large and medium-sized commercial website.

  • Warmest congratulations on blog system 6.3 release

    Warmest congratulations on blog system 6.3 release

     blog system of building software, search engine optimization (SEO) tool of choice. Support smart account registration, article management, publishing history, pseudo original, automatic release, custom web site, a variety of ways to release.

    There are some functions:




    Intelligent account registration: only need to enter the code can continue to register an account (similar products almost all to open the webpage)


    Account management: account grouping web site management and display, universal import and export, automatic IE login



    Simple article management: fool acquisition method, various forms of other mass (acquisition) software the data import



    Convenient and flexible pseudo-original: pseudo original function rules of preservation, convenient access, advanced keyword management page



    Automatic release: send the article completely unattended, need artificial auxiliary will give tips (automatic processing after the timeout)



    A variety of ways to release: the article sent to all account can also be sent to the random account etc....



    A custom web site: to support a variety of mainstream site program backstage release, convenient to your website and blog integration.



    History: History sent send grouped into account, the convenience of your group call, a set of software to manage multiple promotion plan.


  • High Xingjiebi finished Website Package officially is launched

    The finished website is the subdivision of all walks of life on the website, by professional personnel of careful planning, design and production, a large number of ready-made site, site classification in supermarket display and packaged for sale, the user can be finished web site to install their own hosting space. Design style, each finished the section of the web site layout planning, test contents are referring to the industry's actual site requirements and case to make, so that final demand closer to industrial users. Each a product websites offer online demo and trial experience, let users fully understand the design and functions of the website. WYSIWYG web, fast, convenient maintenance, high ratio of performance to price...

  • Warmest congratulations on enterprise website management system 3 release
  • Warmest congratulations on  blog system 6.3 release
  • High Xingjiebi finished Website Package officially is launched